Saturday, June 12, 2010


Nowadays, keep going out v friends.
i still have only 15 days more.
must appreciate those time together with anyone

1st of June_Went out shopping and sing k with Kang, Sam, Joshua, Kit and Wang Zai. =)

3rd of June_Have medical check up in morning.then went to eat bak kut teh with Melissa, Jean Yee and Edward =)

4th of June_Went yam cha with Alvin Chee, Kang and Howson =)

5th of June_Working

6th of June_Working

8th of June_Morning breakfast with my lovely grandmom, Afternoon went to ou with Louis and Ason, then meet up Kang, Joshua, Sam, Ah B....Night had dinner with Yik Swan, Ee Vian and Zhee Hawn. =)

10th of June_Went to Timesquare with Cythia, my aunt. Bought a lot of thing.=)

I love busy...
I can't decide what i want. :(

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