Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Life

Hello everyone...
i know that i have been long time din update my blog..
nowaday i'm working in ou..
a shop name ' Shojikiya '
i love my job, know many fren at there
not only know those who working in shojikiya and also sushi zanmai and pasta zanmai..
Alven, Ben, Stephanie, Joyce, Loke, Boyl, Gennis.......and a lot
very happy and feel lucky tat i found tat job
high salary, easy job, nice music, a lot of fren work there =)
my mom, dad n brother always fetch me, thx them so much
stil have Aaron, Alvin and Ken, thx always fetch me back and very funny v them
my job one week can off once, so good...
happy and enjoy working there and learned a lot at there =)
but use a lot of money there...hope my salary can cover those i used

ps: Elaine...dun work in pavillion dy...feel that u very yam gong...=( fast fast come back ou work v me, break v me, and back v me...
ps: aaron...i'm waiting u to treat me a delicious meal......=)


  1. Are you working at 1-U? Enjoy it.

  2. YK: Nice to meet you. Are you still study?

  3. hello...nice to know u too...welcome to my blog..=) no, i'm now working as a part time, waiting my spm result.

  4. YK:Do you have F-Book A/C? Can i add u?

  5. u juz type may yun...then see my photo...=)

  6. YK: Thanks... do you know who am i?