Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Update~~

sorry to all my lovely fren....
i know i have been long time din update my blog...
my babe li also waiting without patient dy...
because of my lazy n also spm is going on...
now, spm is gone...
let's talk to wat was happened be4

the 1st day taking of spm...
feel so excited...
after the exam, gonna be crazy studying sejarah...

crazy v sejarah, wat i had been study did not come out in the paper...

after finish math,
me, Lin, Li, Lun, Ken, Billy, Bing, Boo, David went to mcd to celebrate my b'day...
thx all of u, love u all...=)
thx ken fetch all of us here n there v his avanza,
they bought me a big cake n a small cake.
so happy..
after i back hse, only i know that my phone had leave in ken's car
then ken take back 4 me in rainny day
really thx to ken so much....

yeah!!! today is my b'day...love today so much....
this year is much more difference v the year be4..
this year is celebrate in skul...
i had receive a lot of wish in skul
even the examiner also wish me...haha...
facebook have bout 70++ comment
my phone also have a lot...happy...
after the exam, yong keat bring me to watch movie
then back hse n slp
bout 7pm, went to tuition..
thx to yong keat's present, love it so much...
bout 11pm, my family celebrate v me,
my mom bought a cake from secret recipe
really so happy today...

add math today...
sad n moody after the exam.
6pm++, someone call me
"hello, where r u? i'm now outside ur hse, come out quickly..."
i get shock, then rush out...
omg, he send me a b'day present...
so happy n can't imagine he send to my hse...thx so much....

because of heavy rain,
my grandpa's hse get in v high level of water
then, go and clean up..
i go back and dress up
planning to watch a movie v yong keat but fail
because have no nice movie to watch
nvm, then go to siew fong hse
ask her out to mcd
stil have a ppl forgot wat his name dy...><

taking biology exam
after the exam ken fetch me to mcd (mcd again)
meet up v loy and gigi then together revision our next subject, account
we revision at there until 10pm
feel so tired but so happy that i know a lot dy

taking account
feel so excited but scare
after get the paper,
i stop there
omg, y harder then last year...
dunno to do at all thought revision the whole night
then din think so much,
juz write down wat i know
so disappointed and sad

last day of my spm
last day wearing school uniform
last day to see some of my fren
after the exam, mihun fetch me back
thx so much always fetch me back...
at night, went to maria's school
meet up some of fren that long time no meet
so happy...

went to one utama v my two cousin
because they too high, so i decide to wear high hill shoes
but walk awhile only, my leg started feel pain
then take our lunch at wong kok
continue to shopping until 5pm my brother fetch us back.
i go to FRIM to take care of the child while they r there having rehearsal til late of night

went to jusco, metro prima v li, lin, ken, soon yip and jia hui
watch 'feng yun 2', this movie is damn boring
i'm there waiting the door to open
feel slpy too
after the movie, went to gasoline
they take a lot of pic there
evening, fetch li back 1st then cheat alvin get into our car
then back hse at 8pm++

wake up early
decide to play basketball
aaron come and pick me up
then meet up v ken
i juz sit aside din play at all
because many of player i dunno
my mom fetch me to school to return my book
then go to FRIM again
is rehearsal too but start from 11am-6pm
bout 11.30am
aaron pick me up and go to eat our breakfast
have a very funny n nice talk to aaron n ken
thx aaron fetch me...=)

*all photo wil upload soon....or u can see in my facebook...=)

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