Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ipoh Trip 1

trip to kampar, then to ipoh
the whole trip is juz eat n eat
love to eat..=)

elaine keep jumping on the bridge..

the park

my uncle

tang yuan

my cousin

the hotel

bring along my panda=)

the name of the hotel

dunno wat it's call dy..

bought two of this, prepare 4 our breakfast

see the fav is ok, but the orange fav....yak...

be4 slp..

keep sms n hug my panda

good night.. u..=)


  1. yerrrr...i want the 炸圆..
    last time we went kampar din see those small small der.
    all dai dai gao one.. =(

  2. haha.... next time we go together...=)