Friday, November 29, 2013

Pre-B'day Celebration

Just a simple quick update here...

23/11/2013 - My pre-21st B'day celebration with the girls.

I was supposed to ask the group but because they were all booked out :) 
so just two of my ladies~ 

-Dorothy Eu-
-Melissa Lo-

Japaneses Buffet @ Shimizu 

The food was not as nice as what we espect to be..but great accompany...
Lazy's talk all night....lots of photos~ and lots of fun! 

Here's all the photos (100+ photoss) ^^ 

Busy girls always with her phone~ 
-She is Dorothy Eu-

The photogenic girl
-She is Melissa Lo-

The foods

Beef tataki (too thick and hard to chew)

Salmon Nigiri

Prawn Katsu, Tako Yaki and Veg Tempura

Cawan Mushi

Having tamago nigiri~
Please ignore my messy hair.....:)

Dotty Potty~ Thank you for planning the pre-celebration dinner and of course thank you for driving us around~ :)

Thanks Mel for bought me cute lovely cupcakes

Aren't they very cuteee? 






Cupcakes in the house

My little cute cupcake

My way to eat the cupcake:
Step 1: peel the paper

Step 2: take a little bit of the cake and dip it with the cream

Step 3: put into your mouth

Step 4: Enjoy it! :)

Dot's way to eat the cupcake:


BYE! :)

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