Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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I just feel like blogging today..

Because of my laziness and “busy” life, I have been ignored my blog for a long time. I tried to blog, and I wanted to blog. However, I just failed to make it. I am so unorganized, and so lazy. Too much of photo and have no idea where should I start with. What should I talk about?

A little bits about my life recently...
I done my 3 weeks supp prac in RPH on July
and 2 weeks specialist prac in SCGH on August
and 2 weeks mental health prac in PMH on Sept.
Went back to uni had lots of assignment done.

Now! one group assignment left, until the final exam! :)
I am excited and looking forward for the clinical skill assessment. I m kinda worry about that, but I really want to finish degree and become a NURSE
After this semester done....I will be back to Kuala lumpur to celebrate CNY with my lovely family and friends~ ^^
And have fun before the next and last semester start! :)

Okay~ Will blog more soon......Today I just want to blog about TODAY! :)

Please don’t judge on my English (Im improved & improving)! If you don’t like it, just click on “Close”…Thank you

I had class this morning. The class was about poster presentation. I am really proud of my poster done. This is a group assignment, we are require to design a poster depend on a topic given & printed professionally into A2 size. A 2 minutes presentation had done in the class this morning. *so embarrassing by standing in front of the class and do nothing :P

 Here is the poster***

TADAAAAA~ *Feel free to enlarge if you are interested.

After the class ended, Dorothy and I decided to hang around before going home. We decided to have breaky at The Tuck Shop, as I haven’t try before.

  Spot the plant…..is amazing to put a real plant upside down and hanging on the roof.

Our “cubby” face early in the morning…..:P
We looked so pale, dot~ Because of Halloween? I think we are vampire before we suck blood~*With no blood* 

My yummy food: Slow cooked veal with spinach, mushroom, goat curd, on sourdough toast, top with a beautiful poached egg that bled golden

Dotty ordered a chips, because she kinda old and cant chew :D HAHAHAHA! 

(Because she got her teeth fix yesterday, so she cant have FOOD)

She can only have baby pureed fooooood~ :P

Ps: pooor baby girl~ :)

I am with my sleepy cubby face and with no hair! HAHA~
Dotty with an awkward smileeeee~ 


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