Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Majolica Majorca Lash King

Helloooooo......Am I pretty? xD 

 Have you heard "Majolica Majorca Lash King" before? Is a new brand of mascara from the Japanese cosmetic brand, Shiseido. I think most of the girls know "Shiseido". Although Shiseido is expensive, but the effect is amazing! I'm going to introduce all the lady to use this..When i first heard about this mascara, I feel this is just a normal mascara. As most of you know, I don't like to use make up on my face. However, because of this mascara.........I really want to share this good beauty product with everyone! 

The LASH KING!! I named it as 4in1 Lash King *Sounds like 4in1 coffee/milo..whatever* :) !! 
Waterproof, lengthening, thickness, super lush...

This is an awesome product which is suitable all ages, but the target of the company is young adults and teenagers.. AND!! This only RM59.90~*I expected the price will be more than RM100, because Shiseido is quite expensive* HAHA...Also, they are giving out a RM8 voucher discount, which means you just have to pay RM51.90 *cheapcheapcheap*~ I tried twice, once I went to party, and once I went to uni. It capable holds up the curls for days. Don't worry if you going out for long..

On process~

Let's see the results...

Before *please ignore my dry skin*

How amazing it is~ Any comment?! :)

Before & After

I am not a barbie doll..:) 

Love myself in a big beautiful shinny eyes~ 
I couldn't upload the others photo... :(((

Actually, there is a story of majolica majorca *the name of this mascara*. Here is the story...

"Once upon a time, there lived a bird. She was small, and insignificant, and had no beautiful feathers or a shiny tail. But her heart was innocent and true. The bird loved beautiful things, and she always wished she could become beautiful too. Everyday she searched for feathers that were beautiful or special, and adorned her body with them. The Goddess of Beauty had watched all this, and she felt admiration for the bird's courage and aesthetic creativity. The Goddess chanted a spell:" Majolica Majorca!" Then a wonderful thing happened! The feathers adorning the bird's body all became real, and a tiny crown appeared on top of the bird's head. The bird had become the Goddess to the bird, "Go forward into the world and make all the girls beautiful"'


What are you waiting for?!
Get the voucher from Majolica Majorca Lash King or email to

Only valid in malaysia :((

but I asked a friend of mine to help me buy~ xD

Here I want to thank you both of my friends who help me dolled up! They are so professional and awesomeeeee!! 
Serene & Wanyi  -  Thank you! :) 

That's all for today..byeeeeeee
Good Night Everyone~ 
Stay Tuneeeee~  

Feel free to click on the advertisement thank you! 

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