Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm lazy girl~

I know I have to post something~I really do~
I am kinda lazy to blog about it..I owe you guys two post, but I'm lazy to choose the photo.. sorry~
Two of the post will be upload before May, I promised! :)

hmm....nothing much to blog..was busy with my applied bioscience's assignment, presentation, and test coming soon...grr~ the assignment and presentation is pretty hard for me...but I'll try my best to done it...:')

My Easter break/study free week is end! 
I didn't study, but do nothing every single days!!
I hate myself wasting the time!
I'm wasting the time, which is the hope of the people who dead yesterday!
I know I should be hardworking, and study for it!
I know everything well...but LAZY! :'(


I hope everyone is appreciating every single days...


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