Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Blue

Still have many post pending in the draft !  =*

Arrggg~ my feeling right now - complicated** 
8 days more! :(

What this means?? I'm going back to hell heaven~
I really don't like there! :((   
Still have a lot of things haven buy, 
not yet pay the tuition fees, 
not yet enroll........I'm USELESS!!

Sorry mommy, I know i'm always hanging out and don't work in restaurant,
but this is my holiday, and i'm going back soon, so i hope you can understand! :( 

两个人不求回报的,傻傻的等待着一个没有未来的希望  盼望着上帝的悯怜 给他们机会  期待会有奇迹出现
Is there a miracle? Will miracle happens?


Monday Blue! :)

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