Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9 of Feb


The Coffee Bean with Aiden

Thank you Aiden for cheering me up, also the coffee and cheese stick

I was so down for several days just because of i'm going back to the hell place! i know i'm stupid and shouldn't unhappy for that. 


I'm back to Perth! :(

I Miss Malaysia
I Miss Da Awesome Family
I Miss Da Awesome Friends
I Miss Da Awesome Foods
I Miss Everything


Happy Belated Valentine's Day to All my lovely friend

Thank you W for the flower
This is my first received flower in my life
Don't you believe? Is truth!
I'm really appreciate and happy~
Thank you! :)

Guess who's hand is this? HAHA~ =D

Valentine, who did you celebrate with? what you recelved? 

Stay Tuned for uploading more post about my life in KL <3

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