Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Lovely 'Bitch'

The second day. went to shopping with Elaine and Cath
They were don't know each other, but both are talkactive, like knowing each other for a long time
Love going out with them !
They bright up my day !!

Thank you Cath for editing this photo 


The Chatime, a bit disappointed with Chocolate Hazelnut Bubble Tea, but Matcha Red Bean Ice Blended was really nice, must try next time! =) 

Went to Pavillion after to had our dinner
Special thanks to my uncle, he fetch me from LowYat to Pavillion, still treat us for dinner 

The best porridge ever "老友鬼鬼“ in Pavillion
Low sugar home-made soya bean (Suitable for lady who on diet)

Sticky brought from my brother

Some of my “战厉品“ 

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