Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New of ME !

The new of me
A totally difference of me
A new hair cut, new hair colour

Sorry that i ignore my blog for a few month because of busy life and lazy me! =)
What am i doing in this a few month?
I got busy on my education and my holiday as well
I completed certificate 4 in Curtin College with average of 77.5% 
and now! 
i'm doing nursing in Curtin University!
yes...I'm grow up..i'm in University now...
Happy because that I'm in university
Sad because that university is complicated
i'm totally lost in university!
new system, 
new people,
new cultural,
new environment,
new lecture,
everything is NEW for me.
Let's talk about my holiday
I went back to Malaysia for 3 weeks
My CNY and Valentine's is also celebrate in Malaysia
I'm happy that i meet my family that i miss so much
I'm happy i meet my friends but not all
I'm happy that i can have shopping in Malaysia
I'm totally not willing to come back to Perth
Don't know why after i'm here
my relationship with relative is become closer
with my friend become more appreciate 
I love my family more :)
Next talk about the interesting one
I can't believe that I'm just like a kindergarder's child on their 1st day to school
In my 1st day going to uni, i'm exactly the same.
I asked my friend to accompany me all along to uni
accompany me until i got into class
accompany me after my class and before the second class start
and also fetch me when i finish my class
I'm damn scare for going to school
and this feeling i never have before.
Thanks for the one who accompany me whole days! =)
Sorry for those i can't accompany in Malaysia because of too busy..

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post! 
Good night everyone..and wish you all have a nice dreams. 

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