Friday, September 17, 2010


Get shock??

essay summited
presentation over
capstone project done

17 of Sept
i'm damn lucky today
so happy
early morning had presentation
very nervous
and because our group times out
so i need to speed up my speech
i forgot my speech
somemore i lose my eyes contact to audience
but luckily i still got 19/20
*if you feel i'm show off, juz close it.
after presentation
go to comp lab to finish my capstone project with Narvin
continue had lunch in Nando
with ming, yoga, alvin and a gir
thanks alvin treated me =)
finish to fill my stomuch
go to buy 刮刮乐
buy using Au3
get Au12
normally i juz got Au6
how lucky am I

Need to study for my exam that coming on next week

stay tuned for picture**
p/s: my laptop cannot upload without reason

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