Wednesday, August 11, 2010


took by yumi before i come to Perth
thx xu zang for the Twisties =)

Miss my life before, but human should look in front
before is just can be our memory and experience

i hate all the problem, trouble now.
the stupid idiot homestay
a lot a lot of problem

August 10, 2010
awake on 7.30am
went to school by free school bus
after i finish my computing exam
update my blog & fb
have lunch with my sister
then continue to EDP exam
i did soooo bad in both of the exam
i can't think
don't know the meaning
forgot all what i had study
useless me ><
after EDP
take school bus to go back.
Mike take a file for me
inside have a updated house rule, which have additional rule
and some document about homestay
and for under 18
he asked me to give back him after i signed
*i don't want to sign
both of them go out after dinner
i had Winter Love Tea
nice taste thx Cherrie.
webcam with my awesome family
so bad that i can't talk with them
my laptop problem
A lot of thing keep remind me all the trouble
i can't even forgot for a few minutes
can't slp well ytd
when all the trouble can stay away from me??
Any suggestion for me??
need to continue stay this house
find another homestay??
Cherrie will move tmr, hope i will just be fine.

Stay tuned...:(

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