Tuesday, August 10, 2010

House Ruleee~~~~!!

My stupid house rule...
-Landlord provides the room and give permission to live in house. Landload keps control and may enter Boarder's room without any period notice.

-Boarder is to keep room clean and tidy everyday, make bed, and switch off electrical appliances before leaving the room. Electrical heater must be switched off during the night.

-Boarder need to help with housework, which may include cleaning up, washing up, vacuuming and keeping guest bathroom and toilet clean and tidy.

-This is non smoking household

-Boarder must speak english, and communicate in honest and respectful manner.

-do not speed too much time in bedroom and should make an effort to interact with other occupants of the house.

-Must treat each other occupants with respect, manners and decency.

-Must provide own lunch, except when paid extra.

-It is NOT possible for Boarder to cook food.

-Boarder is not allowed to help themselves to snacks, chocolates, wine etc, from the fridge & cupboards.

-Boarder is not consumer food or drinks in bedroom or store food in bedroom. Provision can be made by Landlord for storage of extra food in the kitchen.

-Crockery & Cutlery are not allowed in bedrooms.

-Private laundry can be done by Boarder at a time convenient to all.

-Boarder must use laundry basket in the bathroom for dirty laundry.

-Wet towel or cloth are not allow to be left in bedroom.

-Notice: Shower time must be restricted to 5-7minutes. Boarder must shower before 2100hour

-Noise must be restricted to 2130hour. Boarder must arrange with Landlord when coming in after 2400hour. Boarder must respect other occupants when entering the house after hours.

-Boarder will be held financially responsible for causing any damage to property.

-Boarder must give Landlord two weeks notice before termination of boarding contract.

-Landlord can ask Boarder terminate contract AT ANY TIME without providing any reason.

-Boarder must pay for lost key.

-Boarder is not allowed any visitors without prior arrangement with Landlord.

*Still need to signature at below the rules...
*This is not all, some like dinner time, lunch and other i didn't type in..=)

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