Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas

this year i celebrate my Christmas v my family
the whole days i juz stoned at hse, play computer until my parent back
around 4pm, i give my mom n dad a call, ask them to have a dinner outside 4 celebrate christmas and we have long time din eat today.
7pm++, dress up, then wait 4 my family
8 ppl is going, my family except my sis n youngest bro, my cousin and my aunt

this is the place we went to
i think this is a France restaurant at mont kiara, a very nice places

sky juice

milk shake chocolate Rm10

coke Rm5.90

cappuccino Rm 9++

ice blended cappuccino

1st time eat this....delicious...

forgot the price, i think is around Rm20-30


salad Rm10++

seafood sup

seafood sup too, smaller


seafood spaghetti


Hawaii chicken pizza

my brother n cousin

my lovely mom n dad

my younger brother
this is the only photo i took in there


my ice cream, strawberry flavor

chocolate flavor

ice cream, only free 4 children
a happy dinner v my family, hope that my sister n my youngest brother is there=)
the whole meal is spend bout Rm 350++
only the tax Rm 40++
is expensive but happy that we all enjoy it..

stay turn....=)

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