Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hang out v my sister and elaine 1st...
we went to time square n sg wang...
actually 16/10(ytd), my sister n i ad went there
today went there wanna change her boot(give wrong size)
super boring there...
then continue to shopping v melissa n april
me, melissa and april
after time square went to 1U..
next toong came n fetch us to edmund's hse..
but toong fetch me back to change my cloth 1st.
bout 10++,
we go to eat Mcdonal at Aman puri
last station, they plan to go ENVY
but i'm so tired, so asked GJ to fetch me..
but GJ going to wrong places.==''
so, edmund fetch me to station 1 to meet up my frens
thx Edmund.
melissa n april
Actually today is their 1st year anniversary for their friendship
wish both of ur friendship forever..=)
p/s: sorry, din go ENVY to celebrate v u...

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